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Making the Campaign More Enjoyable

Life on the Road can be pretty tough.

We have designed a number of purpose-built boxes to make things a bit more pleasant.

These include boxes in which to safely store medicines, boots, supplements, saddle pads, coolers and blankets.

They can be stacked on top of one another and carried separately from show to show.

Other special boxes include a variety of refrigerated boxes to keep medications (and sandwiches) cold.

And there are small boxes for bits, papers, etc. for the tackroom.

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The Campaign Chests

This box is based on the original British military campaign chest. Constantly on the move to distant locations and deployed in less than ideal conditions, an officer could find a measure of stability and order with a beautiful and durable box for his personal items.

Our Campaign Chest can be used for a rider's equipment: chaps, helmet, shirts and the like. Or, as is often the case, it serves as a medicine box. It provides a way to keep medications and supplies clean and organized. The individual compartments can be fitted with dividers to your specifications.

The complexity of a busy show stable is acknowledged by having a writing surface in the top. It allows you to maintain daily medical records and also provides space for health papers and other communications.

The cabinet underneath can be made either with doors or drawers for additional storage. Together they form a movable dispensary that allows you to go from show to show and back to the farm knowing that your horse's supplies will be in the right place every time. The campaign chest is 32” long, 18” wide and 29” tall.

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The Cabinets

The Cabinet is very versatile and useful. It can sit under the Campaign Chest. We, also make a large one for the large trunk. The Cabinet is like having a second trunk without taking up any more floor space in the aisle.

Used in conjunction with a tack trunk, the Cabinet can store blankets, saddle pads, tall bottles, rider's raingear, and many other things. It can hold items not needed at the horse show and stay at the barn. Placed under a grooming box or stacked on top of each other, the Cabinets keep the grooming stall organized. The Cabinet can be empty or have a shelf or drawers. They can hold all the stuff that now is in milk crates, buckets and odd containers that tends to be forgotten, or "borrowed" and at least is messy. The Cabinet is 32" long, 18" wide and 17" tall.

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The Cabinets

This is a large trunk with a large cabinet with drawers.