large cherry

Large Cherry Trunk Edged in Wood and Trimmed in Brass

We have been particularly impressed by the quality and figure of the All-Heart Cherry wood currently available to us.

All-Heart refers to the fact that the wood comes from the center of the tree and consequently avoids yellow sap runs and discolorations.

The interior is as nice as the outside and is finished the same way.

All of our stable and tack room fixtures can be made in cherry.

mahogony trunks

Valuable & Exotic Woods

Pictured here is an example of a trunk made out of some very beautiful, highly figured mahogany trimmed in heavy solid brass. Even though your first impression might be that these pieces should only be for the house, they can also be comfortably used in the barn or at the horse shows, as they have several coats of a protective marine spar varnish on them.

Due to our location in Fort lauderdale, Florida, we have available to us an unusually wide selection of exotic hardwoods. These woods come to Port Everglades for use in the yacht building trade. The selection is a fairly laborious process of climbing over stacks of lumber and moving many planks to choose the best figure and color.

If you have an interest in trunks or smaller pieces made with some spectacular woods, give us a call.

We can usually get very nice examples of: Honduras mahogany, Brazilian rosewood, teak, vermilion, and cherry at market price.

bandage lids

Bandage Lid Trunk

The bandage lid trunk offers a way of storing several sets of bandages and boots in its 4-1⁄2" deep lid.

The elastic cord can be moved on a series of hooks to change the spacing for easy storage and removal of its contents.

You can choose the high gloss, high density, shock resistant engraved vinyl.

This material is extremely durable, scratch resistantand will not crack or buckle from being banged or kicked.

Also, the vinyl is very attractive and fitting for horse equipment, as it resembles the dyed leather originally used on fancy driving harness and carriage dashboards, fenders and trunks.

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large campaign

Choices of Colors, Designs, Materials & Metal Trims

The Importance of Colors

Colors have always been associated with sport horses, with military regiments, racing stables and hunt clubs. Colors make your horse equipment identifiable, uniform and organized. And having colors promotes a sense of belonging to a group, a stable where everyone works together. We make each item one at a time and the colors individually. They can be matched to paint chips from your hardware store, cooler or tack room drapes, farm sign, a picture in a magazine, a sweater you like or anything you choose to send us. Or you can simply tell us on the telephone which colors you want, and if either of us is uncertain as to the exact shade, we can send samples to you.

standard campaign

Aluminum Bit Box

This piece is part of a set of tack equipment we made in a 1930’s Streamline modern design.

We incorporate many of these design influences in the modern furniture we manufacture.

The aluminum has advantages in certain applications. it is one third lighter than wood and steel. It is also strong.

We use aluminum to make bases for desks and saddle cleaning stands.

It is waterproof and therefore ideal for cabinets in the wash stall and for mounting blocks.