wipe off board

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Wipe Off & Cork Boards with Aluminum Hangers

We make several sizes and shapes of these boards depending on your ideas. They can be magnetized or have 1/4" plastic sheet over the white board for the dry erase Pens.

The Aluminum Hangers used to hang the Wipe Off Boards and the Bridle and Saddle Racks on the next page come in three lengths, depending on the piece you want to display.

They make setting up the tackroom so quick and easy. Just screw the round hanger on the back of all your hanging pieces to the long strips and hang over the top of the stall section.

medium planters

Products for Stables & Shows

Here is the tackroom set up with 4 saddle saddle racks and 15 bridle bridle racks in mahogany trimmed in stainless. The hangers made the set up much easier than stringing zip ties together or putting holes in your drapes to hang pieces by screwing into the wall.

This tackroom set up looks very organized, functional, neat and very mobile, just put the tack in the trunks, take down the fixtures, load up, and you are down the road. No hunting in the dark for a knife, standing on the braiding ladder, or trunks to cut down the zip ties or removing screws in the drapes.

saddle cleaning stand

Products for Stables
& Shows

Present ideas

• Holiday gifts
• For your trainer gifts
• Thank you for letting me ride your horse gifts
• Thank you for riding my horse gifts
• Wedding gifts
• Thank you for letting me and my horse stay at your house gifts

• Bit Boxes
• Mirrors
• Ribbon rack
• Ring totes
• Model horse barns
• Planters
• Media cabinet
• Coat rack for front hall
• Wipe off board
• Glasses with farm logos
• Stall name plaques

wipe off board

Products for Stables
& Shows

The Saddle Cleaning Stand

The Saddle cleaning Stand has an aluminum frame and can be in vinyl or wood trimmed in mirror finish stainless or brass.

The bridles and saddles can be stored here while tacking and untacking the horses, and at the end of the day the tack can be cleaned on it, using the two drawers for tack cleaning supplies.

The bridle cleaning arm folds down for shipping.

stall plates

Products for Stables & Shows

Stall Plates

Brass or silver plated brass stall name plates and plaques. They can be made any size using your typeface or logo.

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