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Present Ideas

The Photo Board

The Photo Board dresses up a wall in the house, office, tackroom, or the tackroom curtains at the horse show.

It can be in any Sunbrella color. Sunbrella is an outdoor canvas like material from which the tackroom drapes, trunk covers, etc. are made. Then it can be monogrammed however you would like.

We suggest, at least for the horse shows, we provide the frames and color matching mats, as we like to put screw holes in the frames so after you install your photos, you can screw them to the board.

That way they do not fall off in the wind or if a horse behind it hits the wall. Also, the frames have plexi-glass in them and will not break.

The Photo Board makes a great present. It is fun to hang up your pictures and provides a big impact wherever it is hung.

mahogony trunks

Present Ideas

The Dog Show Box

We made this box to a customer's specifications and have made special boxes for particular Classic Cars going to car meets, dental equipment and vet boxes, etc.

If you have an idea of something you would like, Please let us know.

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