airplane 2The Airplane Box ...

The interior of the Airplane Box can be arranged and made out of any material you like, to include where the saddles and bridles can be stored. The airplane box can include a wardrobe for jackets, shirts, etc. as well as a shelf for helmets and a space for boots.

There can be drawers for medicines, bandages, boots, brushes, towels, and fly spray and places for saddle pads, mirror, cork and wipe off boards, health papers, your shoes, or any other ideas you may have. There is space for 4 to 5 saddles, many bridles, and even a TV video set up.

The interior can be made in a variety of woods or made with all aluminum saddle and bridle racks and drawers.The interior walls can be lined in wood, aluminum or any color of sunbrella material. The exterior can be all aluminum, vinyl or wood.