About Prices....

The Large Trunks prices start at $1,100.00. The Medium Trunks start at $1,030.00. And the Small Trunks are at $960.00. We wish you would call us with your questions, so we could explain what we put into our trunks that have caused them to be so popular for so many years at so many stables.
All of the prices for all of our products include stained and varnished interiors, backs, bottoms and any choice of colors. We can match any paint sample, piece of cloth, picture from a magazine, etc. for your colors and that is in the base price.

Also included are single stripes on all panels, monograms, initials, most logos, engraving on name plates.
Ask for a catalog, which has detailed prices in it, or contact us for specific product prices.

  1. Cork lined lid for tacking up notes, schedules, etc. — $50.00
  2. Cork lined lid with mirror — $85.00
  3. Cedar lined bottom — $85.00
  4. Rider’s trays — $80.00
  5. Lid supports. the spring loaded supports hold the lid at any angle you wish and will not close until you guide it down. We recommend these especially for children’s trunks — $40.00
  6. Casters (not shown) — $75.00

    Vinyl Options
  7. Vinyl Top $80.00.
  8. Piping  — $30.00 per panel.
  9. Extra Letters — $3.00 per letter.


About Shipping....

The Large Trunks, Verticals, and other large pieces ship motorfreight. The small pieces ship with UPS in the United States and Canada.
When we ship more than one piece motorfreight, each piece costs about half as much as a single shipment.
The airfreight for international shipping is inexpensive and fast.
Also, we pick up trunks, etc. recovers and deliver in the Wellington area one or twice a week, just give us a call. That brings up the discussion of recovers.


About Recovers....

If you want to change your trunk’s colors or the name or monogram, we can do that.
Also, any vinyl piece can be changed to wood, and wood pieces redone in vinyl. The panels are interchangeable. Even the fancy wood pieces such as mahogany and cherry can be changed.
We can ship you panels, however, it is best to send us the trunk, etc. and they will come back to you looking brand new.
Call and we will discuss all the details and choices and help arrange the shipping to us.


Thank you,
McGuinn Farms, Inc.