Suggestions for Your Barn

Fixtures and Fittings for New and Restored barns

Perhaps we can offer suggestions on how to organize your barn and how to save steps to allow you more time with the horses.

Before starting construction, if you are building a new barn, there are a vast number of questions to think about, such as:

• Which direction do the summer breezes come from?
• What is the best way to cool a barn?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of filling water buckets from handles on the outside of the stall?
• And where to put all the equipment needed for the different stages of the day with the horses?
• Or if you are moving to an existing barn, the question of where to put everything also becomes paramount.

We can design and build anything you would like in vinyl or any wood and metal trim you choose.

blanket bar

Suggestions for Your Barn

Blanket Bar

We can make the Blanket Bar in a variety of woods, metals and lengths depending on the space available on the stall walls or doors.

blanket bars

barn planning

Suggestions for Your Barn

We have been designing and manufacturing purpose-built fixtures for public and private stables for many years.

It has always seemed that most attractive barns were also those where all the day’s details and footfalls were anticipated and accommodated.

If you would like us to get involved in your barn planning, please let us know.

how to order

Suggestions for Your Barn

Stable Bench

Everyones favorite picture. Notice Frito's tail is wagging so fast the camera just sees a blurr.

permanant tackroom

Suggestions for Your Barn

Tack Room Fixtures

Over the years we have outfitted a number of tack rooms in new and restored barns. Generally, this involves saddle and bridle racks as well as specialized racks and cases. The idea is to create a working space that is functional and attractive. Our fixtures and fittings can be made in vinyl or a variety of woods trimmed in brass, stainless, or wood edged to match your barn.

Each barn has its own character and requirements. Please let us know of your plans and perhaps we could help in the layout and design of your tack room.