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Single Aluminum Airplane

The Single Airplane Box can hold 3 saddles and 6 bridles. There is a wipe off board on the door and brush box.

The bridle racks on all of our vertical slide out, so the bridles are easy to reach.

single aluminum closed

Single Aluminum Airplane

The Single Airplane Box
is 30" wide, 30" long, 60" tall.

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single aluminum open

Aluminum Exterior Airplane Box

The Airplane Boxes can be aluminum inside and outside.

single aluminum open

Aluminum Exterior Double Airplane Box with mahogany wood interior

single aluminum open

Personal Aluminum Airplane Box

The Personal Airplane Box is an easily maneuverable small vertical capable of carrying one saddle, 6 bridles or other hook arrangements for rain jacket, reins, spurs, etc. It also has a large cabinet and another storage space under the saddle for polos, brushes, hat, boots, etc. Extra saddle pads can fit on the sides of the cabinet. We can add a three sided mirror that folds down on to the top of the Airplane Box.

This Personal Airplane Box was designed for one person to be able to load and unload their tack equipment easily to and from the trailer and to the barn or tent at the horse show.

It is 52" tall with the wheels and the Airplane Box is 42" tall by itself. It is 30" across the front and 30" from front to back.