double airplane box

Double Airplane Box

We make smaller Airplane Boxes and larger ones, but this size seems to work out the best for most people, 60" long, 29" wide and 60" tall including the 10" wheels.

It is not so big that it cannot be maneuvered in and out of most tackrooms and vans by two people.

And yet it will hold most everything you need for 2 or 3 horses in the F E I tent.

It is convenient to work out of on a daily basis at home or at the shows. Bridle Racks, Saddle Racks and the drawers are all on slides. There are many places, hooks, and hangers to put things.

Also, it has heavy rings for padlocks and to secure to walls in the aisle, van or airplane.

airplane boxes

The Airplane Box

The interior of the Airplane Box can be arranged and made out of any material you like. The saddles and bridles can be arranged however you would like. The airplane box can include a wardrobe for jackets, shirts, etc., a shelf for helmets, a space for boots. There can be drawers for medicines, bandages, boots, brushes, towels, fly spray, places for saddle pads, mirror, cork and wipe off boards, health papers, your shoes, or any other ideas you may have.

There is space for 4 or 5 saddles, many bridles, TV video set up… The interior can be made in a variety of woods or made with all aluminum saddle and bridle racks and drawers.

The interior walls can be lined in wood, aluminum or any color of sunbrella material. The exterior can be all aluminum, vinyl or wood.

Pam Aide Double Black

Double Airplane Box

dressage closed

All Aluminum Double Airplane Box

dressage open

Double Aluminum Airplane Box

This Double Aluminum Airplane Box was designed to a customer's specifications. It is a combination of drawers, cabinets, racks for the saddle pads, holders for dressing whips.